Kristen's Journey

Kristen's Journey

"With my daughter (my first), I remember  having excruciating pain, cracked and bleeding nipples, clogged ducts, you name it. The first two weeks of breastfeeding were nightmarish. I can honestly say that the difference between sticking with it and letting go was probably a visit from a postpartum doula whom I called in a panic. She came over right away, hugged me and showed me how to do a sidelay feed. Rest was the missing piece to my healing and I could get it while breastfeeding on my side.

I also found that my body could sync more effectively to my baby in this position. I could more easily feel what she needed from me. From that day, I never looked back. As it goes, I was able to persist and keep moving forward. I'm now 9 months into breastfeeding my second. It's one of my favourite things in the world.

Being a mom who wants to breastfeed and stay close for these early years is a driving factor in building my own business. It's no accident that I built a business that surrounds me with families at the same life stage. An online maternal concierge is a bit self-serving but it's also needed in the community to take away even one layer of stress while planning, throughout pregnancy and into postpartum."

~ Kristen 

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