Top 12 FAQ (Based on breastfeeding mothers) 

1. Is there breastmilk in any of the products?

- Absolutely not! Our products have ingredients that increase milk supply for moms. We would like to save all the breastmilk for our babies; not for the products.

2. How many products should be eaten to enhance breastmilk (per day)?

- We recommend at least 2-4 cookies / granola bites or 1 muffin per day to see optimal results. Though many of our customers vary due to there body mass and if they have a sweet tooth!

3. How long does it take for products to work (per day)? 

- It takes 30 minutes to an hour for moms breast to fill, depending on the last breastfeeding / pumping session. Again, the time range varies in different mothers body type.

4. How many ounces produced?

- The products allow you to produce 4-8 ounces left and right breast, measured using your breast pump / storage bag. 

5. Duration of pumping?

- The average is 20-30 minutes.

6. How do I store the products?

- The products are preservative free. Occasionally, our products last 2 weeks. The only product we recommend to stay refrigerated is the Granola Bites.

7. Can my household/children eat them / Can I consume the products while pregnant? 

- Yes! Our products are 100% natural consisting of whole grains & fiber. The snacks are generally healthy for pregnant women, but if you do not feel comfortable consult with your doctor before consuming our products.

8. Will these snacks “Fix” my supply issues?

- While our snacks are full of healthy ingredients to support lactation, they can not replace proper breastfeeding practices and healthy dieting/meals. We can not promise you will see enormous increases, as each mothers body type is different and it does take time. 90% of our customers see an increase!

9. Does everyone see an increase in milk production? 
- Most women will see an increase over 5-7 days. 

10. How long will it take to receive my order?
- We do our best to process orders within 24 hours, depending on size of your order. Once you have received a confirmation, delivery will be scheduled in the next 24-48 hours, depending on time order was placed.

11. What is the return and exchange policy?  
- Since these products are edible for health reasons, we cannot accept return or exchanges. 

12. How do I cancel / make changes to my order?

- Our team begins processing your order as soon as it’s received. Due to this, we can only accommodate same day changes or cancellations of orders. We will do our best to honor any request made after same day order, but we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted. Cancellations should be made 24-48 hours in advance to receive full refund, same day (delivery date) cancellations will receive 50% refunds. Please reach out to our Order Department by emailing nurturelaichebda@gmail.com or by calling (441) 707-0366 for assistance.