Sabriuna's Journey

Sabriuna's Journey

"I have breastfed my son for 39 months now and during this journey, I have faced many challenges. At the beginning of my breastfeeding journey once my son reached 3 months, on those stressful days my milk supply would decrease. I started to build up anxiety and wondered how am I going to switch my son from breastmilk to formula, if my milk supply stopped. That's when I turned to making lactation goods, once being consistent with my healthy meals, lactation goods and eating schedule I saw an incredible increase in my milk supply.

A few months passed and it was time to introduce my son to solid food, here the anxiety comes back! I began doing my research on how to stay consistent with breastfeeding while introducing my baby to solids. I realized my breastmilk was not as heavy as it use to be, as my son is enjoying solids. This is when I started exclusively breastfeeding between his daily meals, as well as pumping to mix the breastmilk in with his solids. All I knew I did not want to loose my milk supply.

As soon as I got across that stage, there comes the teething stage. My son relied heavily on the breastmilk as he went through a phase, were he did not want solids only breastmilk. I continued to exclusively breastfeed, when he wanted the "boobie" he got it. This also help to cut down on diaper rash as well as giving him the extra comfort.

Being a breastfeeding mother, lactation consultant and business owner has been awesome! It comes with many challenges but I love the reward of watching my son & business grow at the same time. I will continue with my breastfeeding regime and have no plans on stopping as I want my son to self wean. Owning a lactation business has allowed me to grow as a breastfeeding mother and be encouragement to the other mothers worldwide. We got this!"

~ Sabriuna 

CEO of Nurture Laiche

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